a documentary about the healing properties of psychedelic plants



SPIRIT MEDICINE, a feature-length documentary that is currently in the production stage, aims to bring a scientific perspective while exploring the cultural and historical origins of four natural, powerful psychedelic sacraments: ayahuasca, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms and iboga.

SPIRIT MEDICINE explores the cultural and historical relevance of these plants to contemporary audiences that are actively using these sacraments for spiritual exploration and personal growth. 

Acclaimed Filmmaker Javier Prato has documented an extensive journey spanning the Peruvian Amazon, Mexico, and Argentina. Not only has Prato immersed himself in various indigenous cultures and shamanic rituals, he has also sought out key figures in the scientific community to corroborate his findings. 

Naturally occurring psychedelic plants and fungi have been used by indigenous cultures in Greece, Africa, Europe, India and the Americas since time immemorial and much of that history has been either lost or misunderstood by modern society. 

Some of these cultures have retained their psychedelic religious rites from generation to generation, and are increasingly sharing their ceremonial experiences and insight with anyone seeking alternatives to conventional medicine.

Recent studies suggest that these plants may have the potential to treat many modern ailments even better than pharmaceutical drugs. These plants seem to be tremendously effective in allowing people to gain access to previously repressed memories and enabling the formation of healthier behavioral patterns.

The mechanisms which allow this type of healing is discussed by various medical researchers appearing in SPIRIT MEDICINE

There is currently a growing interest in scientific research, which investigates the safety, mechanisms, and therapeutic potential of these natural compounds.

Despite increasing evidence suggesting that these plants could be effective treatments for various disorders, they continue to be illegal in much of the world. 

SPIRIT MEDICINE hopes to dispel some of the myths surrounding naturally occurring psychedelic plants and highlight their benefits to humanity.

Some of the prominent figures featured in SPIRIT MEDICINE include Rick Doblin, Founder & executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, better known as MAPS, Daniel Pinchbeck, Author & Journalist, Jordi Riba, Pharmacologist, David Jay Brown, Author, Dennis McKenna, Ethnobotanist, Ralph Metzner, Psychologist, Gabor Maté, Clinical psychologist & addiction expert, Claudio Naranjo, Psychiatrist and many more.

SPIRIT MEDICINE demystifies common misconceptions about psychedelic plants by providing a compelling historical narrative within a well articulated scientific framework. 



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